About Catherine


Hello, my name is Catherine; it allows me to be your teacher and mentor to support your awakening process. Ride the wave more efficiently with my guidance. The awakening stage is not always a quiet sea but a river stream with some up and down. Many steps must be followed to be entirely in touch and align with your more profound desire. 
Your spiritual journey is not a race but different steps you have to take to allow your awakening process. Awakening can stop anytime; to get the full benefits, you have to keep going-
It is a lot about self-discovery and development; as you grow, you change. Get in touch with your inner child, love yourself unconditionally, and most importantly, heal your past hurt and trauma. Follow your heart and soul to align with who you are. 
You gain freedom, harmony, peace, and tranquillity by learning to trust in yourself and silencing the noise around you. All your answers are not outside of yourself but inside you. When you realize you always have the power and way more, you do not want to fall back asleep and keep going on your path. 
Don't be afraid, but be full of enthusiasm and happiness :)Fears stop you; positivity pushes you! Choose wisely :)

Awakening changes your life for the better-

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Peace & Love

infinite love