Terms & Conditions- Online Coaching

Please read these terms and conditions, which apply to the mental health coach, wellness and stress management consultations in the coaching practice, during online coaching, and using this website. They are designed to protect your interests as a client. By making an appointment, you agree to the following terms and conditions. If you are unable or unwilling to agree to these terms and conditions, you should not book an appointment or browse this website.

Last amendment date: 17 March 2021

Consultations and Fees


Each consultation lasts for approximately one hour, and the fee is per session. A formal payment receipt is available on request.


Consultation fee changes


The consultation fees are subject to reviews, usually annual from 1 January. Notice will always be given of any price increases when you are in the course of coaching.


Online Coaching


Online coaching includes using any form of electronic or digital communication media and a software application that is not face-to-face, e.g., Skype, FaceTime, signal, zoom, telephone, email and text etc. It can be in the form of video, audio or electronic mail/text. It is called e-coaching.




You are seeking my professional services for personal coaching and not researching private use or publication.


You accept that Catherine A. Spiritual Coach may terminate the session or session booking without notice or reimbursement if Catherine A. Coach should determine that the consultation is used for any reason other than personal coaching.


You agree to submit only true and accurate information and will not omit any information that might be significant in your coaching.


Suitability for online coaching


You are 18 years of age and over. If younger than 18 years of age, you have your parent/legal guardian/carer's written consent to receive online coaching.

You are not feeling suicidal.

You are not under the influence of alcohol before starting your consultation.

You are not under the supervision of a psychiatrist or suffering from any diagnosed psychiatric condition or epilepsy.


Completion of questionnaire


During your initial enquiries and deciding to start coaching, you will agree to complete a questionnaire by email. It will include your details and any medical and lifestyle issues that could affect your coaching.



Advance payment for an online coaching session


Online appointments, including coaching sessions, coaching packages, and online courses, require full payment when booking the mutually agreed arrangement.


Duration of online coaching sessions


Online coaching sessions are usually 45-60 minutes in duration.


Electronic media malfunction or failure


Catherine A. Spiritual Coach is not responsible for direct or consequential loss due to internet service failure or electronic media malfunction. No refunds are given when technological malfunction or failure is on the part of the client. We may reschedule to a mutually time to complete the remaining of the session.

There are technological malfunctions on Catherine A. Coach; reconnections will be attempted during the allotted appointment time. In the event of a complete technical failure on my part, Catherine A. will reschedule the appointment to a mutually agreeable time to complete the remaining time left in the session. She can use offline contact details for the remaining treatment reasonably possible and mutually agreed upon.


Cancellation policy


Forty-eight hours notice is required for any appointment changes, including cancellation and non-attendance. Any changes made within the 48 hours notice period will be charged at the total session rate.


Online confidentiality


All written information taken before, during and after your coaching is entirely confidential. Most online communication media is encrypted, and there may only be a security breach if one of the participating computers (or other hardware) contains a virus/trojan/malware. Catherine A. Spiritual Coach uses updated anti-virus and anti-malware software to reduce the likelihood of any security breach. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient updated internet security measures in place to maintain confidentiality on your behalf.


Terms & conditions updates


These terms & conditions are subject to revisions without notice. Please familiarise yourself with any amendments if you have restarted coaching after a long period of absence.

Online terms of service


Catherine A. Coach is a qualified Canadian Spiritual Coach. Catherine A. Coach follows professional codes of conduct that fulfill Canadian-based coaching associations' membership requirements.

All coaching services offered are not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Please consult with your GP before your session to diagnose and treat any medical conditions.


Online coaching disclaimer


A well-motivated client is likely to achieve realistic goals with online coaching. However, it is unethical for a coach to guarantee a cure. The control of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviours permanently resides within the client. No patient is "made" to do anything against their will using coaching. Catherine A. Spiritual Coach guarantees to apply his training, expertise and experience to your issues to achieve agreed goals in a reasonable time possible. Estimates of the number of sessions required to treat a problem at the enquiry stage or during the first consultation are provided based on the information presented at that time. Estimates are also made based on the session being given to previous patients with differing case histories. Hence each patient and the causes of their condition are unique. Estimates are only rough guidelines and are subject to change. Check our services.




If you are running late or anticipate running late for your appointment, please leave a message (calls are not answered while working with a client) or text the mobile phone (+1 587 414 7174) or by email @ cathonlinecoaching@protonmail.com. Catherine A. Coach will pick up this message when next available. While Catherine A. will aim to accommodate "lost time," please understand that the booking schedule may not always make this possible. The session may have to finish at the original finishing time.




Any information collected from you as a client or potential client, including your contact details, will be held in the strictest confidence. Catherine A. Spiritual  Coach will respect your privacy. The points you disclose are used solely to provide you, the client, with the highest levels of service. She will pass on no information to any external parties without your express permission. Where express consent is given to share information with an external party, Catherine A. Coach will only supply client-approved information that Catherine A.  believes is in the client's best interests.

If it is necessary for Catherine A. Spiritual Coach to contact you, she will use your preferred method, e.g., mobile phone or email. If she needs to contact you at home or at work to change an appointment, she will leave her name and number and state that his call's nature is personal. If there is an emergency and Catherine A. Coach needs to cancel the appointment at short notice, she will state this in her message. During your coaching period, please ensure that she has your up-to-date contact details.

Exceptional circumstances of confidentiality include a criminal or civil court case where a court order has demanded disclosure and where there is reasonable cause to believe that failing to disclose information would cause danger or harm to the client or others. Child Protection Issues fall into this category.


Confidentiality and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


The sharing of anonymous case histories is made to supervisors and peer-support groups as part of CPD requirements. No personal details are ever used during these meetings.


Audio recordings of consultations are sometimes used as part of the supervision process between my supervisor and me. The recordings are only ever used for reference in Catherine A. Spiritual Coach's presence. The first name may be referred to during the meeting, but recordings are destroyed after the supervision meeting is completed. As a client, you may be asked if you wish to be involved in that process in your next consultation, but you are not obliged to agree. If you have agreed and then decide to withdraw your consent, Catherine A. will respect your decision. Your coaching will not be affected.


Standards of behaviour


During any coaching session, Catherine A. Spiritual Coach will treat you with respect and not abuse the trust that you put in her. In return, you will undertake not to harm yourself. You will respect Catherine A. . You agree to come to the sessions, not under the influence of alcohol, If any conduct contravenes these behaviour standards, she reserves the right to cancel the session and any further coaching sessions.